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Schiller Multipulse Biowave®

Multipulse Biowave®
SCHILLER defibrillators with Multipulse Biowave® Technology: GENTLE – INTELLIGENT – EFFICIENT

All SCHILLER defibrillators employ unique waveforms called Multipulse Biowave®.The energy of this pulsed biphasic waveform is delivered in many individual impulses. Between the individual pulses, no current is flowing. The strain put on the patient is therefore much lower than is the case for conventional devices using continuous biphasic waveforms. That is what we call gentle defibrillation.

With Multipulse Biowave®the first impulse in a series serves as measuring impulse. The measured value determines the energy level for the subsequent pulses. According to the patient resistance, the current used in the subsequent individual pulses is higher or lower. Thanks to this sophisticated procedure (patient-adapted defibrillation), the excitation threshold is not exceeded unnecessarily and the duration of 8-10 ms is observed.This means that no unnecessary energy is applied! That is what we call intelligent defibrillation.

Since the current, and not the delivered energy, is decisive for the defibrillation efficiency, pulsed biphasic defibrillations are generally completed after approx. 8 ms. At this point, the myocardium is electrically neutral thanks to the patient-adapted defibrillation and an a systole with a duration of usually 1 - 2 seconds can therefore be prevented. The patient’s own cardiac rhythm resumes immediately after the defibrillation! That is what we call efficient defibrillation.

See it for yourself. Proof of the gentle impact on the myocardium are the CK and myoglobin levels in the blood, which are not elevated after a pulsed biphasic defibrillation (Multipulse Biowave®).